Virtual Storage Area Networks

Virtual Storage Area Networks

Nexsan is an information technology company which specializes in the storage of data. While other companies offer the same service at a relative price, Nexsan does what others do not. Nexsan offers data storage that is extremely efficient and is optimized for high performance.

The virtual san storage systems offered by Nexsan consume 85 percent less electricity and overall power when in an idle state. Today’s world is led by technology, and Nexsan proves to be leading the way in data storage and storage optimization.

The newly developed NST5000 has been devised in such as way that it allows for the optimization of even the most intensive needs.

A hybridization of both solid-state and spinning disk technology allows nearly anything to be possible ranging from server virtualization to database needs. These systems are equipped with up to sixty disks per unit and have the lowest overall footprint compared to other systems.

FASTier acceleration technology allows solid-state to be used in order to increase the performance of spinning disks by up to 1,000%. Overall, Nexsan is the leading resource for all things data. No matter the scale of operation, Nexsan offers an affordable, energy efficient, turbocharged solution to all the IT needs of any client.

New developments in information technology systems offered by Nexsan allow clients to not only have their needs met, but have them exceeded as well.