Seven Tips To Make Your Laptop Last Longer

Seven Tips To Make Your Laptop Last Longer

echnology is always changing – but if you’re not one of the hardy souls who waits in line for hours for the latest Apple-branded product every time one is released, you’ll want to make sure your device lasts as long as possible.

Laptops are expensive and are also susceptible to viruses and the like, extending its life can be as simple as looking after your battery properly and installing good anti-virus software. Here are some tips to make sure you do not have to open your wallet before you have to here are a few tips.

Keep the battery exercised

Never leave a battery just after it has been charged – use the laptop at least once every two weeks. It is important you do not let the battery completely run out, this can ruin it completely, especially if left uncharged.

Clean your fans, keep it cool

Make sure you keep checking the fans for blockages and clean them properly at regular intervals. Overheating can cause permanent damage, so make sure you keep it is cool as possible. It may seem like a little bit of a contradiction, but try not to use the device directly on your lap. Use a hard solid surface, things like blankets, duvets and cushions can smother the fan and hamper air circulation.

Get the CD/DVD out

Do not leave a CD or DVD in your laptop when it is not being used. You may think that because you do not have an applicable programme open it is lying dormant, not sapping any power. This is not true. It will cut down on programmes running on your device, saving energy and also extend the life of your optical drive.

Turn it off

If you’re not going to be using your laptop for a while turn it off. Don’t go to standby. If you will be returning to the device in under fifteen minutes it is advisable not to turn off, go into hibernate mode instead. It uses far less power and does more or less exactly what you would want a laptop in standby to do.

Handle with care!

It may sound obvious, but try not to leave drinks or carry drinks next to your laptop. Even a little, tiny accident can ruin your device forever. Also, never hold it by the screen. If you have to carry it without closing it, use the part with the keyboard.

Also, like food, store the laptop in a cool, dry place. Not too hot and not too cold. When not in use, store in a protective case, just to make certain it doesn’t become damaged.


Try and get a solid understanding of your laptops requirements and to software installed on it. Invest in a good firewall or virus protection, spend a little more and you’ll be thankful in the long run. Keep a good idea of what you have installed, don’t clog up your memory with programmes you don’t need.

Have a check up

Routine maintenance may seem like a chore, but it is a good idea if you want your device to last as possible. Run a disk clean-up and a defragment tool at least once a month. You don’t need to take the laptop to a specialist to be serviced; you can manually check your C drive for problems.