What is the perfect choice for the best laptop for under $700?

What is the perfect choice for the best laptop for under $700?


There are a large number of options when you are in search of a laptop that can be used on a daily basis for various kinds of things; many laptops are priced in a higher range and might lack in various features, including new features and hardware options. It is very hard to find the best laptop for under $700, but some of the best options include the ASUS F554LA, which has various important and significant features which make it highly unique and very useful.


best laptop for under $700, ASUS F554LAThe ASUS F554LA is a useful device that can replace any kind of desktop with ease. It is very fast and efficient and can perform on a consistent basis. This device is known to perform without power and processing issues. It is a simple-looking laptop with a highly decorated interior section which can help in the high-quality performance of the device. Its body has a sleek finish which is textured, and it also has a coating which helps protect the device from various scratches and spots. Its metallic design combines with a powerful interior to make it a perfect-looking and perfect-performing device.

It has a 5th generation core i7 processor which is very fast and can handle all operational cases. The processor is a 5500U processor which allows it to work at a faster rate; the processor is a quad core that runs at a clock speed of 2.4 GHz, making it very effective and efficient.

This device comes with 8 GB of DDR3 RAM as well as a turbo feature which makes it highly useful and allows the device to run at faster clock speeds. It also has a great display along with great graphics to make it a better performer. To top it all off, this laptop has a 15.6-inch screen which is very useful in providing the best multimedia and entertainment experience.


  • Great price
  • Intel core i7 processor
  • Turbo option to increase clock speed
  • 6-inch screen
  • Great display
  • 8GB of RAM


  • Inability to support complete HD videos and graphics
  • Basic graphic card usage


If the best laptop for under $700 is your goal, this laptop can be a great choice for you, considering its high quality and precision in almost all operations. It is a quick and actively operating device which is very capable of delivering great results in a short time. This device is one of the best, considering its features, and its low price makes it an even better option.