A New World of Chatting

A New Land of Chatting - Tuiland

In the eighteenth century France, coffee-shops had become very popular since people used to come over there for discussion and to exchange ideas. Those ideas were materialized in the shape of French Revolution. In the twenty-first century most people are using internet since it is perhaps the most powerful tool to connect to the world and share the ideas.

A Chatting WebsiteEveryone who has the access to internet is aware of online chatting. Chatting is a great example of the advantages of internet since it helps us to communicate in a faster and easier way.

Chatting online is a new phenomenon as compared to the means of communication since the days of yore. We cannot say that online chatting can replace face-to-face relationships; however, there are still a number of things that people may find easier to say online rather than to utter face-to-face.

So far the benefits of chatting are concerned, it helps us not only to have access to the views of the people round the globe but it also gives us the insight about how people feel about us. By discussions in online communities it assists us in building democratic environment and the knowledge of new opinions and options. Since there are no borders, no skin-colour, no religion and no culture which confines online communities, everybody can discuss whatever his area of interest is and with whosoever one can have fun.

A New Chatting Land: Tuiland

Tuiland has been created by having inspiration from the groups that you meet every day, outside the scope of internet. For instance, you have daily conversations with your class-fellows or your colleagues at your office. From such modest and limited group of people who haven’t chosen each other yet, it is possible, to carve out lifelong friendships and partnerships between them.

A New Chatting Land - TuilandOn this website people make a social network which comprises of 32 members. The number of participants is fixed; however, there will be even number of men and women in a group. Rest of the activity is absolute freedom.

A very distinctive feature of Tuiland is that you don’t use photos and real names. Instead of revealing your true identity you use avatars. By using these characters it not only allows you to guard your own identity but also it brings you a new liberty.

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