The Quantum Science Pendant is a Truly Unique Invention!

The Quantum Science Pendant is a Truly Unique Invention!

When over 70 different kinds of natural minerals are fused and structurally bonded together to achieve a molecular cohesion, mineral science technology develops the quantum pendants. These pendants have abundant scalar energy, which helps in improving the biological health of the body.

The Quantum Science PendantThe scalar pendants are constitute with pure volcanic lava, which is then encased in a stainless steel cover to make sure oxidation does not pollute or discharge the energy. The stainless cover serves to make the pendant durable, unbreakable and avoids water from getting inside.

Mineral science technology has discovered the true potential of scalar energy that can be used to enhance and improve a positive flow of energy within the human body. When the body weakens due to illness, anxiety or stress, scalar energy serves to energize and rejuvenate the system.

What is scalar energy?

Even when it is distanced for its source, unlike magnets, the scalar energy maintains its consistent intensity. Nicola Tesla - scalar energy discoverThe energy is so intense and powerful, that it can even permeate and escape through tough, solid surfaces, and leaves its influence lingering behind. Scientists have conducted various experiments proving that scalar energy has the ability to embed itself into supplementary objects, for instance, when you wear a scalar pendant, the scalar energy gets embedded and transferred to your body cells.

Indeed, the most striking feature about this unique form of energy is its ability to repair, reconstruct and regenerate itself, hence, remaining interminable and indestructible forever. Therefore, once it has been embedded within your body cells, it is likely to remain within your body for quite a long period of time.

How does technology infuse scalar energy within a pendant?

Scalar energy is infused within a pendant until all the 70 various different types of minerals have been structurally bonded to form a molecular cohesion. This involves the serious and standardized procedures of quantum physics. This procedure is more commonly referred to as the Nano-fusion technology, which involves the use heat at a very high temperature.

The pendant is designed to be highly synergistic, permeable and durable.

How does the scalar pendant work?

Scalar energy is known to have the potential of promoting a positive flow of energy, and it effects three main components:

  • Qi- Body
  • Aura- Mind
  • Chakra- Spirit

By regulating, energizing and invigorating the mind, body and soul, the quantum body balances the health, and maintains the well-being of an individual.