How Your Technology Can Help You To Feel More Awake And Energetic

How Your Technology Can Help You To Feel More Awake And Energetic

Have you ever woken up and groggy and unwell? It seems that many of us simply accept that we’re likely to start each day with a scratchy throat and a headache. We treat this as though it’s normal and as though it’s acceptable, when really it is anything but. Not only is it not normal to feel that way, but there’s no reason why you should.

Here, we will look at how you can feel more awake, more energetic and more well – just the way you are supposed to. And you can do all of it by simply investing in a few handy gadgets…

Get Enough Sleep
One of the biggest causes of headaches, tiredness and irritability is a lack of sleep. If you aren’t sleeping heavily enough, long enough or often enough, then this can come out in a variety of different ways and make you feel quite unwell. Furthermore, sleep deprivation can affect concentration, memory and even the speed at which you heal wounds.

If you aren’t feeling as good as you think you should then, try improving the quality of your sleep by making your room darker, by shutting out noises from outside, and by managing a better sleep routine before bed – that means no caffeine later in the day and no Xbox.

How can a gadget help you to wake up feeling more alert and well? By helping you to wake up more naturally. The device is called a ‘daylight lamp’, and works by lighting up slowly in the morning with a light that has similar wavelengths to that create by the sun. The best of these can even use a timer to wake you when you are most likely to be in the lighter stages of sleep, rather than deep in ‘SWS’ or ‘Slow Wave Sleep’.

Oh and another one other gadget that can help to improve your quality of sleep? A treadmill. Use that throughout the day and it will wear you out, thus enabling you to sleep more heavily and more easily at night. Better yet, a treadmill will improve your overall health greatly improving the way you feel more directly too.

Improve Your Air Quality
Oxygen is pretty crucial to our survival and our wellness, and yet the air that many people breathe in is not particularly good quality. There are all kinds of things that can affect air quality and these can all cause problems in different ways. If your air is too dry for instance this can make it hard to breathe, as can having air that is too moist. Likewise, if your air has mould spores floating in it this can irritate your lungs and attack your immune system, while dust and smoke can also make breathing more of a chore than it should be.

One option then is to move away from urban areas and to try living somewhere quieter and more rural. Not everyone will have this option though, so if you don’t fancy moving house you could alternatively invest in a good air conditioning unit to clean the air in your home for you to breathe. And better yet, if you get a good AC unit, you’ll also be able to remove dander from the air if you have an allergy to pollen – something that many people struggle with without even being aware of the fact.

Stress doesn’t just affect your mood, it also affects your health, your energy and your psychology. If you have a lot of stressors in your life then this will place an unbearable strain on your body, so make sure to develop coping strategies, and to take time off from your work when it all gets too much.

And if you don’t already know any coping strategies, then again I have just the device for you: it’s called a heart rate monitor, and though it might seem innocuous enough it can actually be a very powerful tool in the fight against stress. The reason for this is simply that it shows which events raise your heart rate the most and allows you to practice bringing it back down. This is called ‘biofeedback’ and is a great way to utilise technology to improve your mental health.

Make these changes and invest in these gadgets, and you may well stumble on a few things that were bringing your overall health and energy down. Once you manage that, you can get your vitality and your love for life back.