Re-Start or Shut Down the PC with Just Single Click

Re-Start or Shut Down the PC with Just Single Click

Today we are going to create single click shutdown or restart button for out windows operating systems which means that we can make out windows OSs to shut down or restart in just one single click. So let’s get started..

To Create Shutdown Button

Step 1:Right Click on your desktop then goto New and click on Shortcut.

Step 2: Now in the box next to ‘Browse’ button type ‘shutdown.exe -s -t 00′

Here,shutdown.exe = system file, -s = shutdown , -t = time and 00 =duration which is 0s here (You can set it in terms of seconds for eg. 01).

Step 3: Click Next and on the next page and type a name for the shortcut and click finish.

So that’s all we have to do, now you can shut down your computer by only a single click from your desktop, also if you want you can place it on taskbar by holding and dropping it on taskbar and also if you want you can change icon of the shortcut by going to properties > change icon and select the icon that you want.(In the image below there is a demonstration of what I am talking about in this paragraph).