How To Free Up Space On Android Phone

How To Free Up Space On Android Phone

On taking a closer look at many of the android phones, I have often thought that they may be overloaded with apps. Screen after screen there are many apps with no light at the tunnel. It is because of these reasons that we get what is known as clutter and this is what slows down the working of your android phone. Here are some of the ways to help you out:

Uninstall Apps:
In order to know as how to free space on android, its best to uninstall apps which works out to be one of the best solutions to free up space. Even if you are not using an app much, go ahead and uninstall it. Asides from this when you sort the apps based on their size, it becomes a particularly useful way to free space in your Android phone.

Visualize Disk Usage:
By utilizing the free Disk Usage app with regards to your query of to how to free space on android its best that you browse the files which take up additional space on your storage. Those of you who are comfortable with analyzers of file systems like Win DirStat then you will completely be at home with Disk Usage.

Upload Photos:
In your android phone you will obviously be having photos and if haven’t detached them from your device, they will obviously be taking up a lot room. If you wish to install your photos simply make use the Gallery app. In this way your photos will be stored on the servers of Google and when you wish to view them they will be downloaded to your device. It is an effective method to back up your photos.

Give your android phone a battery boost:
There are many Android who habitually suck up battery life quickly. You can enhance your battery life by keeping its brightness down and you can also keep the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi off when not in use. Keep a second battery at hand especially for those emergencies where your phone is about to die.

Clean your case by removing it:
In order to answer your question of how to free space on android it’s a fact that the inside of your Android phone isn’t the only thing that requires to be cleaned. Your Android Phone may have become dirty with constant usage and you may want to take the case of your Android phone off and clean it up. When you constantly clean your Android phone, it enhances the space of your phone.

With the help of these simple and easy steps you can easily get more space in your Android phone.