How to Market Your Brand to Millennials

How to Market Your Brand to Millennials

Think you can ignore millennials? The millennial generation makes up 25% of the population. Plus, they have a ton of buying power. It’s important to devise a marketing strategy specific for this audience. Marketing tactics have to be less obvious and more personal, without wasting time or causing confusion.

1. Offer and deliver value that’s both relevant and obvious. When sending your message to millennials, you have to show them why your product or service is valuable. You have to clearly describe and explain how your brand will help their everyday life. Millennials are always looking for ways to be more efficient and to hack daily processes. They’re not lazy, they just value their time. Not only does your product have to help them be more efficient, but you also need an efficient way of targeting them.

2. Give them exclusivity. Millennials understand they’re part of a big consumer base, but they also want to be targeted individually, something you can begin doing with audience measurement. Offer premier membership and VIP access, plus customer loyalty programs. Make them feel like they’re special. Millennials need to be valued as part of the brand. Plus, by making them brand ambassadors, they can do some of your marketing for you.

3. Incorporate peer reviews. Millennials are skeptics and are only willing to trust a brand after people they know have had positive experiences. They’re undoubtedly going to check review sites for feedback. Make sure you’re monitoring what your customers are saying about your brand and replying when needed. Solving problems quickly and efficiently will help people trust your brand, even if you do make mistakes now and then.

4. Be authentic on social media. Millennials love networking online. Social influence is huge and something you need to tap into to reach this generation. Be authentic while on social media, even if you represent a professional, serious brand. Develop a brand voice that’s conversational. Answer questions in real time. Pay close attention to social media when developing a marketing strategy.

Brands can’t afford to miss the opportunity to market to millennials. While they may not be your sole target audience, it’s important to have a marketing campaign that’s intended specifically for them. Social media and developing an engaging, personal voice will go far with this segment of your audience.