The Ultimate iPhone: 6 vs. 6+

The Ultimate iPhone: 6 vs. 6+

Improving on the well-received iPhone 5s, the latest generation of iPhone is intended as a new standard in the industry, showcasing the innovation and mastery of design Apple has become famous for. While the iPhone 6 is designed as everything longtime iOS enthusiasts have been waiting for, the top of the line iPhone 6+ is built as the single finest offering on the market and a statement of current smartphone technology…but is it worth the added price?

Standard Upgrades (iPhone 6 and 6+)

Both versions of the current iPhone share the distinction of introducing iOS 8, the newest version of the operating system that includes Apple Pay mobile payments integration as well as substantial programming upgrades to Siri, the iPhone’s signature digital assistant.

The iPhone 6 and 6+ both benefit from expanded 4G LTE coverage to provide a stable high-speed connection in more areas as well as an upgraded camera setup featuring improved low light image performance and advanced facial detection for the front-facing camera. Another significant upgrade across current iPhone lines is to the battery, which is rated at 14 hours of talk time for the standard iPhone 6.

What Does the “+” Get Me?

Regardless, those who demand the best from their smartphones will take a long look at the iPhone 6+, and a central reason for this is the oversize high-definition display, measuring 5.5 inches and capable of displaying 401 pixels per square inch. For users who frequently watch videos, browse the Internet or play mobile games on the devices, such an immersive display is hard to beat.

The iPhone 6 also takes some of the standard current generation upgrades to the next level. The improved camera gets another layer of polish in the form of a gyroscopic stabilizer and the battery has an even higher capacity with up to 24 hours or total talk time, making the 6+ ideal for those who are constantly on the move.

The added capabilities of the iPhone 6+ do come at the price of added bulk, but at just 7.1mm thick most who fall in love with the specs of the device find the trade-off more than worthwhile.

Both iterations of the current generation iPhone deliver a high caliber product, and the standard iPhone 6 is designed to more than fill the needs of the casual smartphone user who desires the latest features in their device. However, more dedicated smartphone users will find much to appreciate about the upgraded features the iPhone 6+ offers.