Keeping your laptop in tip top condition

Keeping your laptop in tip top condition

For the first three or four weeks after getting a new laptop, you will treat it as though it is made of glass. Every movement you make around it is considered, and you ensure its safety over all else as you congratulate yourself on another savvy tech purchase.
Fast-forward a few weeks and you’ll become lax with your careful nature, and suddenly your expensive pride and joy has become a drinks coaster, and is left on the floor under yesterday’s clothing.

Here are our top tips for keeping your laptop as good as the first day you got it:

Buying a case is a must-have if you are taking advantage of the portability of your laptop. The choice available to you is expansive, with top designers jumping on the tech protection band wagon and bringing you style-savvy options.
If not for the prevention of scratches and damage to your laptop, think of the style points you will gain from dressing your laptop in the best available.

Although a pretty boring thing to have to think about, it is essential that you shield your computer from online threats. A security breach could lead to a nasty virus, Trojans or malware that can seriously affect the performance of your laptop.
Free antivirus software is not always reliable or effective, so it is best to invest in well-known providers such as Norton or McAfee that can provide comprehensive protection.

Ignoring reminders to update your laptop is just plain lazy. Yes, it is never convenient to let your laptop update itself, but the constant ‘remind me later’ clicking will just lead to your laptop not performing at its optimum level.
Be sure to take note of all suggestions your laptop puts forward, and try to keep all the applications you have up to date.

If the worst should happen
If you aren’t lucky enough to have a computing degree, and are not familiar with the inner workings of your laptop, then you will need help if you should encounter any problems. You don’t have to pay through the nose though, with online retailers such as One IT Solutions offering laptop repairs for less.
Whether you need to recover lost work, get rid of a persistent virus or fix any damage that has occurred, let the specialists deal with it. Not your friend from down the road who claims he is your local IT guru.