Web Analytics and Search Engine Optimization

Web Analytics and Search Engine Optimization

Web analytics is basically used for measuring the success of the search engine optimization of your web site. Search engine optimization essentially refers to your web site’s visibility in all the major search engines. The major search engines in today’s time are Google, Bing and Yahoo. If your web site is placed in these web sites, it indicates that your search engine optimization has been done effectively. This can be measured by what is called web analytics.

Internet users make use of keywords to look you up on search engines. To display a list of web sites that are relevant to what the user has keyed in, the search engines make use of certain algorithms. Also, the web site that should appear right at the top is decided upon by these algorithms. This kind of ranking system is entirely based upon measurements. These measurements include the number of times a keyword appears, the number of links to and from the web site, and how relevant the content is.

The execution of search engine optimization is determined entirely by web analytics. Once it has been carried out, the SEO expert will be able to get your web site to be listed on the very first page of the search result list. Also, Google is now offering a free product that is called Google Analytics. This will give users all the information they need for determining the effectiveness of a web site. It is very essential to carry out these analytics if you want your online marketing campaigns to be a success. Your analytics will give you all the information you need to know about the number of visitors on your site, the keywords they used to search you up and the pages they visited.

With all this necessary information, you will be able to determine whether your visitors are regular or not. This way you will find out if the multiple visits are by the same visitor or multiple visitors. You will also be able to figure out how exactly the visitor found your site. This may be through a search engine or a social media site or altogether some different site or blog. Looking at the keywords used by visitors to search for your site will help you know which ones you need to concentrate on. This way you can also strategically plan on to how you need to attract more customers and increase the sales of your web site.